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Commercial Stairs & Staircases

Custom Made for Scavolini, West Broadway, New York
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Commercial Spiral Stairs and Staircases

Welcome to the commercial staircase range. All stairs in our commercial range are made to our individual customer’s requirements. Please forward your design or contact us for further information.

C – 2100 diameter S – 2200 diameter E – 2500 diameter
  • 800mm clear width
  • handrail each side
  • 1000mm clear width
  • handrail one side
  • 1000mm clear width
  • handrail each side
  • (Large numbers of users)

The single spine staircase is an economical solution for a staircase up to 850cm tread width and is suitable for both domestic and light commercial use. The double spine staircase is ideal for both the larger domestic use and commercial and industrial projects. Both stairs can be fitted with a wide variety of treads and balustrade designs.

Balustrade Options

Stainless Glass

Frame Glass

Stainless Steel
Horizontal Rods

Vertical Spindles
with Wooden Rail

Horizonal Rods
with Steel Rail

Vertical Rods
with Steel Rail

Spiral Staircases

Chequer Plate

Pierced Steel

Steel, Rubber Clad



To proceed and for us to provide a budget quote please forward a sketch or plans along with the floor to floor height and a telephone number to

  • Floor to floor height (H)
  • Ceiling thickness (S)
  • Ceiling hole dimensions (A x B)
  • Type and measurements of walls at departure and arrival floors (non-load bearing wall (T) and load bearing wall (P))
  • Position of obstacles (doors, windows, columns, heating devices, etc)
  • Position of pipes on floor or walls
  • Wall perpendicularity
  • Measure for extra balustrade for ceiling hole or mezzanine protection