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KLOE is created by matching the colours of the steel, black (RAL 9017), white (RAL 9010) or grey (RAL 9006), with the light (natural) or dark tinted solid beech treads.

The wood-effect handrail is in PVC with an aluminum core and is available in light or dark versions, to match the shade of the treads.

The railing is made up of varnished steel balusters and of stainless steel cables running parallel to the handrail. The finishes are black for the black staircases and grey for the grey and white staircases.

KLOE has an adjustable height between 253 and 306 cm. Purchasing certain supplementary items, the height of the staircase can reach 377 cm.

  • Balustrade kit available in 120cm lengths
  • The kit-staircase height can vary from 210cm to 401cm, please contact us for further details.
  • Spiral stair designs are available in 3 diameters: 120 cm, 140cm, 160 cm.