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KOMODA is adjustable in rise, going and rotation during the installation. This allows, along with the maximum adaptability to the stairwell, rectilinear configurations with one or two corners.

Komodas total flexibility allows endless configurations, with 1/4 turn (Komoda L), 2/4 turn (Komoda U) and straight flight mean that the Komoda will fit almost any space.

The treads are available in either 74cm or 89cm width and are coloured to match the handrail in light (natural) or dark tinted solid beech. The metal parts are varnished black (RAL 9017), white (RAL 9010) or grey (RAL 9006). Finishes are black for the black staircase and grey for the grey or white staircases.

The railing consists of varnished steel balusters and stainless steel cables running parallel to the handrail.

KOMODA has an adjustable height between 191 and 303 cm. By purchasing certain supplementary items, the staircase height can reach 373 cm.

The different arrangement of the 12 treads ( 13 rises ) and the choice of going, KOMODA 74 from 18 to 22 cm, KOMODA 89 from 22 to 26 cm, allow the creation of 156 different configurations.