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Personalised and custom made configuration “Total Flexibility. Endless Configurations.” For the ultimate adjustable staircase that allows for total flexibility and endless configuration possibilities, look no further than “Kompact”.

Kompact is covered by a worldwide patent and is the only staircase with Adjustable: rise, going, height, depth, rotation.

The clockwise or anticlockwise winding direction may be decided during the assembly.

Kompacts total flexibility allows endless configurations, with 1/4 turn (Kompact L), 2/4 turn (Kompact U) and straight flight mean that the Kompact will fit almost any space.

Treads are available in either 74cm or 89cm width and are made of polished solid beech available in a light natural finish or dark tinted finish, whilst the metal supports and fittings are available in white, silver or black, and the handrail is solid beech.